Sport Licensing & Special Events

Sport Licensing
& Special Events

Kelsi Dahlia
December 29, 2021
2:00 pm(EST)

Build your mental Toughness

Learn and build a healthy balance between sport, social life, school, and family life.

Mentorship Session & Q&A
December 29, 2021 –
2:00 pm


per swimmer

[ minimum 50 participants ]
Mentorship Session & Q&A

ⓘ What to expect from your mentorship session: 

✔ Help teams find their identity & purpose
✔ Mindset conditioning
✔ Sport nutrition

✔ Q&A Session

Up-Close And Personal With

Kelsi Dahlia

Want To Take Your Pro Session To The Next Level and Achieve Maximum Results?

One-on-One sessions are the fastest and most effective method to improve your mental game.

This unique sport mindset training is built to help athletes stay motivated and reach their goals, from school through Olympic and professional level, and straight from your favorite athletes.
It’s only you and the athlete, so ask away!

Live Streaming Events

At ProSport Live, we believe that Physical distancing does not mean social disconnection. Our team is passionate about sports and understands the importance of empowering the next generation of athletes.

Our Live Virtual Program is a year-round coaching platform designed to inspire and empower young athletes as they explore potential career paths within their sport. Built out of world-renowned coaches, Olympians and professional athletes, the program provides the knowledge and experience to tackle a variety of hot topics facing athletes on and off the field.

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