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Sport Licensing
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Breeja Larson
Delaware Swim Team
February 6, 2022
10:30 am(EST)
Session Location: Delaware

Build your mental Toughness

Learn and build a healthy balance between sport, social life, school, and family life.

Delaware Swim Team, get ready to kick off the swim season with our Breeja!

Join Gold Medallist and World Champion, Breeja Larson and kick the 2022 season off with Team Bravo! Breeja will share some of her training secrets as well as physical and mental preparation for the coming swim meets! This is an invitation-only event, brought to you by our partners at ProSport Live!

Register your swimmer at the link below and please be sharp on time :)

Mentorship Session & Q&A
February 6, 2022 –
10:30 am


per swimmer

[ minimum 50 participants ]
Mentorship Session & Q&A

ⓘ What to expect from your mentorship session: 

✔ Goal settings and keeping them
✔ Preparing for your next meet
✔ Importance of dryland practice

✔ Q&A Session

Up-Close And Personal With

Breeja Larson

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About Breeja Larson
Breeja Larson is an American competition swimmer who specializes in the breaststroke, and is an Olympic gold medalist. She earned a gold medal in the 4×100-meter medley relay at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Larson was born in Mesa, Arizona, one of seven sisters.

Attended Texas A&M University earning her Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Sports Management.

☆ 1x Olympian (2012)
☆ 1x Olympic medalist (1g)
☆ 1x World Championships (LCM) medalist (1g)
☆ 1x Pan Pacs medalist (1b)
☆ 9x American Record Holder☆ 3x NCAA champion
☆ 3x U.S. national champion
☆ 6x U.S. National Team member
☆ Fourth-fastest 50m breaststroke swimmer in American history

☆ 2012: Gold, 4x100m Med-R (pr); 6th, 100m BR

☆ 2015: 19th, 200m BR
☆ 2013: Gold, 4x100m Med-R (pr); 4th, 50m BR; 5th, 100m BR; 12th, 200m BR

☆ 2014: Bronze, 100m BR; 6th, 200m BR

☆ 2016: 4th, 100m BR; 11th, 200m BR
☆ 2012: 1st, 100m BR; 6th, 200m BR

☆ 2019: 1st, 100m BR; 17th, 200m BR
☆ 2014: 2nd, 50m BR; 3rd, 100m BR 2nd, 200m BR
☆ 2013: 1st, 100m BR; 1st, 200m BR; 2nd, 50m BR

☆ 2014: 1st, 100y BR; T-2nd, 200y BR; 2nd, 4x100y Med-R; 4th, 4x50y FR-R; 4th, ☆ 4x50y Med-R; 16th. 50y BR
☆ 2013: 1st, 100y BR; 3rd, 200y BR; 5th, 4x50y Med-R; 5th, 4x100y Med-R; 32nd, 50y FR
☆ 2012: 1st, 100y BR; 3rd, 200y BR; 4th, 4x100y Med-R; 5th, 4x50y Med-R; 11th, 4x50y FR-R
☆ 2011: 2nd, 100y BR; 2nd, 200y BR; 5th, 4x50y Med-R; 9th, 4x100y Med-R

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